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Flower Shopping FAQs
General FAQ

1. What does Tokenz offer?

Tokenz, a well-established brand name in the online shopping trade provides a platform for gifting and shopping of utilitarian and decorative Indian craft items and exclusive Indian products & fresh flowers. You can send tokens of love and admiration to your dear ones, miles away from you living in different parts of the world. Tokenz is a secure shopping site that provides the full security and reliability to its customers.

2. From where Tokenz bought the items?

1. Items of various India states are bought directly from the artisans with whom we have vendor partnership.
2. Everything we sell except Fresh Flowers and Cakes is available under one roof. We have a warehouse, where the quality control wing maintains very strict standards in accordance with the international standards and specifications.
3.This arrangement enables our visitors to select from the choicest range of products made exclusively in India and not available anywhere in the world, right from their desktops.

3. Does Tokenz deliver the gifts, locations present outside India?

Yes, Tokenz delivers products almost everywhere in the world.

4. Which are the countries where Tokenz can deliver gifts?

Tokenz is able to deliver gifts to all the major countries. We have clearly mentioned on the site the list of 54 cities where we deliver Fresh Flowers, Cakes & other gifts. Tokenz provides gifting facility to our customers from 'Anywhere to Anywhere' in the world. You can place your order online from any part of the world while making payment online in Indian Rupees. For more details you may contact to

5. Does Tokenz accepts orders by phone or fax?
No, Tokenz doesn't accept orders through phone or fax. We accept only online orders, for this we secure your payment with the information of your Credit/Debit card.

6. What is 'My Account'?
Tokenz provides 'My Account' option where you have a facility to make changes to your existing profile, get a new password, update your address book and easily track the status of your pending orders.

7. Can I make my own address book to keep the addresses?
In 'My Account' option, you can click on 'My Address Book' where you can store up to 25 contacts and addresses for shipping your gift.

8. What is SSL encryption?
Does Tokenz use SSL encryption? Yes. When you submit your credit card to purchase an item on Tokenz, your most confidential information like your credit card information is transferred to web site using the SSL protocol. We use Secure Mode on the customer's browser while running our shopping -cart software & use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt the sensitive data. Mostly all modern web browsers like Microsoft IE and Netscape Navigator etc. support the SSL standard. When you are selecting products and adding them to the Shopping Cart, you are in Non-Secure Mode. As you press the 'Pay-Now' button, you switch to Secure Mode where you select the payment option and complete the payment procedure.

Ordering FAQ

1. How can I send gifts from Tokenz?
Select the gift/s of your choice, just click on 'Buy Now' button. When you click on this button, the gift which you have selected is added in your shopping cart. You can add many more products in your shopping cart.

2. What are the steps to send the gifts from Tokenz?

Step 1 Select the product.
Step 2 Click on 'Buy Now' button to add it in your shopping cart.
Step 3 Click on 'Check Out' button of shopping cart.
Step 4 If you are an existing member, please login. If you are a new user, please make your registration first.
Step 5 Specify your billing & shipping address, delivery date, Personalized message & click on 'Continue Checkout' to see your bill details.
Step 6 Now click on 'Pay Now' button for payment procedure. Select the payment option to pay the amount.
Step 7 Complete the Payment Procedure and follow the instructions to complete your transaction procedure.

3. What is Shopping Cart?
A shopping cart contains your purchased products. It shows the full information of all your purchased products like quantity, product name, price/unit, and total price. You can add different products by clicking on 'Continue Shopping' button. You can also remove and increase/ decrease the quantity of any product from your shopping cart. If you change the quantity of your product then press on 'Update Cart' button. You can clear your shopping cart by clicking on 'Clear Cart' button. After completing your shopping you can press 'Check Out' button for payment procedure.

4. What is Members Login?
Tokenz is a secured shopping site. So for ordering the gift you have to create your account first. If you are already a registered user of Tokenz just fill your user id and password in the left side text boxes and click on 'Login' button. Members login is the way to enter in your account for availing the My Account Services offered by Tokenz.

5. If I am a new user, how can I be registered on Tokenz?

If you are a new user, you have to create your account first so that you can be registered with Tokenz. For creating your account, you have to fill your email address, password, confirm password and click on 'Sign Up' button. A form is displayed which asks you about your personal, billing address information. Submit all the Information carefully. Tokenz is a secured shopping site so what information you share with us will be kept safe and secure.

6. How can I specify recipient's (delivery) address?

If you are already logged in, on clicking on 'Check Out' button of shopping cart, a page is displayed which shows the billing address. You can edit your billing address. You also have to specify here the delivery address; you can select it from your address book or fill all the information by filling all the text boxes specified. If you are not logged in then on clicking on 'Check Out' button of shopping cart, members login page is displayed for login.

7. Can I send some message with the gift?

Yes, Tokenz provides you the facility to send your messages with the gifts to your near & dear ones. You can type your message in 'Your Personalized Message' box. We will deliver your message with the gift you select to deliver.

8. Can I have the gift delivered on a particular date?

Yes. Tokenz provides you the facility to deliver your order on a particular date. While placing your order online, you can simply select the date on which you want to deliver the gift. We will deliver your gift on the specified date provided it gives us a minimum of six working days after securing your payment.

9. How can I be assured that the items shipped are the same as per displayed on WebPages?

Images displayed on the website are the actual images of these products, which have been taken by the vendors from whom final order is obtained. The product specification is mentioned with the each photo of product which covers weight, color, size, quantity etc which is approximate. There may be a variation in the images displayed On the website and the actual products as most of the products are handicraft items, food products, flowers etc which are also perishable in nature. Tokenz, in its absolute discretion, may deliver a similar / alternate product. Tokenz has a prime objective to provide the best services to its customers. We try to make our all possible efforts to make our services highly pleasing for both sender and receiver of the gift. Note: No accessories shown in the images (if any) are a part of the product.

10. What is the mode of delivery?

Tokenz cover nearly all destinations within India and almost every country in the world. Tokenz is committed to send your gifts to your near & dear ones with a care and firm responsibility. We have a tie up with number of best courier services to ensure that we cover almost each and every destination in the world; like Airborne, Blue Dart, Fed Ex, Overnite, DTDC, Pafex, TNT.

11. Dose Tokenz inform me about the order that I have placed on?

Yes, When you place the order, Tokenz will send an e-mail confirming each order registered with us. So e-mail id should be valid. Check your e-mail and for any correction, please get in touch with us. Additionally, you can check the order information on the web.

12. Can I check the current status of my placed order?

Tokenz offers you the best services in the world with a prime objective to provide you the full cooperation and support. You can track your order anytime and know about the current status of your order. After placing your order on Tokenz, you can easily review the current status whether, pending or Processed. To Check the status online of your pending orders, click on the My Account link in the top side of any page on Tokenz. My Account page will be open, where you can view your order numbers link to view the current status of your orders.

13. What is the meaning if my order status is shown to be in 'In Process' stage?

All the orders placed on Tokenz have to follow a systematic procedure before it finally enters in the 'Shipped' state:
a) Processing: First stage which is the default status for your order and it comes as soon as the order is placed.
b) Processed: It means that your order/payment has been approved by our payment gateway. We are ready with the product to deliver it as per your specifications.
c) Shipped: Means that your order has been successfully shipped from our end.
d) Cancelled: Means that your order could not be approved by our payment gateway or we are not in a position to deliver the goods due to some constraints.

14. How can I come to know that my gift has been shipped?

When we ship your order, an e-mail will be sent to you to aware with the current status of your order. You may also check the current status of your order online track your order status online by logging into My Account at Tokenz.

15. What is the procedure to cancel the placed order?

You can cancel your orders until that have not entered in the shipping process. You can cancel your orders till they are in the processing mode. If an order entered in processed mode then you can not cancel it. To cancel an order, you have to login in your account, just click on the My Account link in the top right of any page on the site. My Account page will be open which shows the current status of your order, where you can click on the 'Track Your Pending Orders' link to view all the orders that have not yet been fulfilled. You can then click on the order number that you want to cancel and then finally click on the Cancel Your Order link available for that order.

16. How can I return the product if it has some defect?
Tokenz provides you the best quality products in the world. If any product in special circumstances has some defect, You can return back the product to Tokenz. Tokenz has a simplest return policy for both Perishable & non-Perishable product.

Return Policy:

For General Products:
Tokenz is noted for quality workmanship. In spite of providing best possible services, if the item purchased has some defect, not in a good condition , You may inform us by clicking here. Tokenz takes all the responsibility & credibility for this and is bound to prevent this repetition in future. In all these conditions Tokenz will be highly delighted to send you a complementary gift item.

For Perishable Products:
In case of perishable products like Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Mithai, Dry fruits etc. Tokenz will be highly delighted to deliver the products again if the delivered product is found in non presentable condition (as per the statement of the delivery person). Perishable products are extremely sensitive, so little bit changes may be occurred in both as displayed on site and in actual, they tend to react to their immediate indoor environment and external weather conditions that may result in their longevity being reduced.

17. Is there any option to contact you regarding my order?
Tokenz has a full team to provide you the help regarding your order. You can send an e-mail to our Customer Service Group anytime at and you receive a quick response from our Customer Service Team.

Payment FAQ

1. What is the payment procedure on Tokenz?
After specifying billing & shipping details etc. when you click on 'Continue Checkout' button, a web page displays your bill and 'Pay Now' button. When you click on this button, it will connect you to payment gateway in secured mode.

2. What are the payment options available on Tokenz?
Tokenz provides you different payment options. You can pay with your Credit Cards, Debit Cards/Net Banking.

3. Which Credit Card/Debit Card does Tokenz accept?
Currently Tokenz accept Master, Visa, Diners Club Credit cards (all Indian and International). Besides we accept various Debit Cards/Net Banking facility options like Citibank Bank Account Online, ICICI Bank Infinity Net-Banking, Citibank Suvidha Online, HDFC Net-Banking, UTI Bank iConnect Net-Banking, Citibank NRI Rupee Checking A/C.

4. How can I believe, that my credit card number/bank A/C. number is secured?
We accept your Credit Card details through the SSL protocol. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) allows software to communicate with Web servers in a secure & encrypted manner. This guarantees that your information is inaccessible to any third party and complete data confidentiality maintained. So all transactions are secured, powered by SSL encryption capable of processing Credit Card transactions. All the information is encrypted before it is transmitted.

5. There is a difference in amount in my invoice sent from Tokenz and in my credit card statement. Why is it happened?
All the transactions are carried out in Indian currency (INR). We charge all the orders in INR. There may be a slight difference in the dollar value shown at the and charged from your credit card due to the variation in the dollar-value because of fluctuation in conversion rate.

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